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Tips and useful information about Guard Gloves

Glove Care

Place the Gloves under running water. Apply some of the detergent liquid from the uhlsport, distribute and by the gloves focusing on the palm.

Let the product act for 30 seconds. Then rinse gloves thoroughly with clean water. If they remain dirty, repeat the whole process.

Rinse the gloves for a few brief moments and then let them dry at room temperature in the horizontal position.


Avoid direct exposure of the gloves to the sun and drying on a radiator (due to strong heat).

If gloves are not used for an extended period of time, they should be stored in a dry, dark place.

Cut Types


Traditional palm cutting. It looks for a proper fit leaving a good latex surface exposed to contact with the ball. Although the current variety of cuts continues to be the most used by the Guards, both professional and amateur.


This type of cut is made with the seams inside. It loses some of the latex surface, but achieves a significant adjustment in order to convert the glove to a second skin. Maybe it's the kind of more technical cut because of these two reasons. By being more adjusted, we get a good feeling of contact with the ball. It helps the Goalkeepers with better technique of docking so that they have a total contact with the ball. The negative cut can be two ways, with tissue or latex on the sides.


Cut that involves the fingers in the latex. With this cut the sensations are usually opposed to the negative cut. The latex surface that comes in contact with the ball is bigger, the cushioning also benefits since, although the thickness of the latex is the same, it is not so tense and therefore is much softer. However, the sensation of contact with the ball is less because the latex tension is much smaller.

HYBRID Cut Negative Roll / Cut Roll Flat

These cutting combinations are gaining prominence nowadays, most brands combining the rollfinger cut (on the index fingers, thumb and pinky) with the negative cut (on the middle and ring fingers), in this way seeks to provide the Safety guards provide greater comfort, contact with the ball (provided by the negative cut) and safety (provided by the rollfinger cut, where we have a larger contact area of ​​the latex with the ball).