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WolfTape DREAM K

WolfTape DREAM K WolfTape DREAM K WolfTape DREAM K WolfTape DREAM K

WolfTape DREAM K



DREAM K, Kinesiotape is a neuromuscular ligature designed without latex, with the same elasticity as human skin. This anti-allergic neuromuscular ligation is a natural aid in a process involving the muscles, tendons, joints, lymphatic, arterial and venous circulation. After application of Dream K the upper layer of skin increases, creating better blood circulation in the affected area reducing pressure and relieving pain. Dream K can be used for several days for the benefit of the user, thus maintaining the therapeutic effects 24 hours a day. Its manufacturing properties differ from other brands so it has increased its success due to significantly different effects.

- Weight and thickness similar to human skin.
- Three-way stretchability. - Latex-free. - Permeable to air and moisture.
- 100% adhesive coating, anti-allergic.
- Water resistant.

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