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At a glance
SUPERGRIP+ | Improved adhesive foam formula with extra high grip particles (made in Germany)
CLASSIC CUT | maximum ball contact area
HYPERACT | EURO 2021 collection
ULTIMATE CONTACT | additional adhesive foam wraps
REBOUND ZONE | flexible pads on the backhand
AIRPRENE | breathable backhand
DUAL FIX SYSTEM | two closure flaps
FLEX ENTRY | elastic opening
PERSONALISABLE | individually printable on the flap
PROFESSIONAL | for professional keepers and goalkeepers with the highest demands
GRASS | for natural grass
DRY | especially for dry weather
Technology & collection
The SUPERGRIP+ of the HYPERACT SUPERGRIP+ goalkeeper gloves is based on a new adhesive foam formula – extra high grip particles, professional quality, suitable for any weather and produced in Germany. The CLASSIC CUT (or REGULAR CUT) is a wide fit that maximises the ball contact area.

The grip wraps around the edge of the hand, the index finger and the little finger and creates a maximum ball contact area. Flexible pads on the backhand dampen contact when punching and give more control. The breathable backhand is made from neoprene material, allowing air to enter and circulate inside the glove. Two closure flaps make it easy to put on and fix the gloves for great stability with maximum flexibility. The elastic opening allows the material to wrap around your wrist for optimal comfort. Like every uhlsport goalkeeper glove, the HYPERACT SUPERGRIP+ can be individually personalised with name, number and/or abbreviation.

Our recommendation
If you are a goalkeeper with the highest demands on your gloves or even a professional goalkeeper, you should opt for the HYPERACT SUPERGRIP+ goalkeeper gloves. The glove is particularly suitable for natural grass pitches, other surfaces could lead to faster abrasion. To get the most out of the adhesive foam, wear it mainly in dry weather.

IMPORTANT: These tips are not mandatory. You know yourself best. Always choose the model that suits you best and meets your requirements. And more importantly, take care of your gloves and you'll enjoy them for longer. You can find care tips and more information about our goalkeeper gloves in our uhlsport TecCube.

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